strawberry glazed donuts

We have been getting a fair amount of exercise lately taking long walks around the neighborhood, but unfortunately we keep running into the same problem. We live just one mile from our favorite pizza shop, and every time we pass by, those intense Italian aromas lure us right in. Every time. They offer perfectly thin slices of New York-style pizza, with unique options like fresh pesto and their signature spicy mole sauce. It is difficult to resist these inviting temptations, but that’s just part of the dilemma. Next door to this pizza paradise just so happens to be one of our favorite ice cream shops, which is a delightful way to cleanse the palate after a savory slice of pizza. And for dessert (because ice cream doesn’t count, obviously), we take just two steps to the next shop over, which conveniently sells the best donuts in town. So you see, we have been getting exercise, but somehow we have been gaining weight in the process. We tried to be good today and not venture out for our daily walk, but ended up getting ourselves into a bit of trouble in the kitchen as you can tell from the title above. And what tasty trouble it was: may we present to you strawberry glazed donuts.