There are literally hundreds of farmers markets in the greater Los Angeles area, but only four are active on Mondays—which was the day we planned to buy all the fresh fruit for this delicious summer dessert. There are forty-three on Thursdays and thirty-four on Wednesdays, but yes, only four set up shop on Mondays. Though our pickings were slim, we managed to find a small one just ten miles away called the Helen Albert Certified Farmers Market which carried everything we were seeking to complete our colorful creation. Sarah Phillips, the founder of Ugly Produce is Beautiful, recently asked if we’d like to contribute an article for her website, which is how the inspiration for this recipe began. Remember those ugly apple roses we made a few months ago, the ones that taste just like homemade apple pie? Those tasty treats were also a contribution for her site, and we are happy to be sharing another, since we support the simple message: Don’t be afraid to buy produce that doesn’t look “perfect”. A carrot may have an extra leg, or an apple may have a small blemish, but they taste exactly the same. They’re still usable and should be baked into a pie or blended into a smoothie instead of being wasted and thrown away. This vibrant dish is a perfect example of how you can take something ugly and turn it into something quite beautiful… and quite delicious!