butternut squash galette with gruyère and caramelized leeks

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Our neighborhood is especially quiet today. We have the windows open and there’s a soft breeze blowing through the house. If you sit and listen, there are long stretches of silence with an occasional dog barking in the distance and dry leaves rustling in the wind. We feel lucky to live in a place where we can enjoy evening meals outdoors in December without getting too cold. Okay, so the jade plants on our patio may be shriveling from the lack of rain, but today we are feeling grateful for the sunshine. We started this blog five years ago because we love sharing with people. Whenever we come up with a new recipe that excites us, we can’t wait to write about it, and today we have something that we are thrilled to post—a golden galette made with lots of love and a little California sun. Pour yourself something refreshing, soak up the rays, and let us introduce you to this palatable pie!