tagine ready to serve

You don’t need a fancy tagine to make this easy and delicious Moroccan dish. Since it is vegetarian, it cooks quickly and any large covered pot in your kitchen will work! Tagines are the original slow-cookers, and these African clay pots are traditionally used to simmer stews for hours over hot coals, using the cone-shaped lid to enhance the flavors by trapping steam and returning the condensation back into the pot. If you do decide to buy one, they are widely available at kitchen stores and online. But either way you can still prepare this exotic delicacy, in which sliced carrots and tender chickpeas are simmered with onions, freshly chopped garlic, and blended with aromatic spices of turmeric, cumin, and cinnamon, creating a deliciously satisfying dish with the irresistible fragrances and distinctive tastes of Morocco.