chewy butterscotch squares

Sometimes, the tastiest things in life are also the most simple. Like sipping a hot cup of coffee on a chilly October morning, enjoying a crusty baguette with a slice of savory cheese, or eating your favorite fruit, freshly-picked from the tree. Some things just don’t need amending and are perfect in their purest form, like a majestic rainbow, or a dreamy sunset… or these heavenly butterscotch squares! With an easy prep and just seven ingredients, these deliciously decadent treats are sweet and ultra-chewy with irresistibly crisp edges and an intense butterscotch flavor. There are no bells and whistles here, since these rich and buttery delights are so good on their own that they don’t need any additives like nuts, marshmallows, or shredded coconut interfering with their simple, pure butterscotch perfection.