ruby mimosa

ruby mimosa

We barely finished this post in time for New Year’s Eve. Frantically running from room to room trying to find the last bit of daylight to photograph these cocktails yesterday, we even gave up at one point, thinking it was too late. But desperate to make it work, we searched around all the windows one final time with cocktails and camera in hand, pointed and ready to catch any last golden rays this quickly-disappearing sun had to offer. The room was growing darker and the drinks were looking worse by the second. Waving the glass left to right and up and down near the front door window like someone who’d had too much to drink, we discovered one precise location where a miracle beam was shining through. We immediately grabbed the piano bench since it seemed to be the correct height for the cocktail to reach this light that would only last for a few more moments. Of course the seat was too short by just a few inches, so we turned to the bookshelf behind us and grabbed the thickest book we could find. Our hearts were racing and the stress levels in the house were peaking as we set the cocktail on the vintage hardcover and snapped the shot. And the picture above is the result of this frantic photo near-fiasco. But it was all worth it, as you are about to see.

new year, new cocktail
juicy, sweet, and with a tart, berry-like flavor
each one is different inside
you might want to wear an apron for this part

We wanted to create something easy and refreshing for tonight’s celebrations. On the last day of our Napa trip, the group came up with an idea to stay in touch by putting together a virtual potluck for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Between the ten of us (participants listed below) we split the duties and are all bringing something different for this delicious digital party. Our contribution is similar to a mimosa but with a vibrant twist: instead of orange juice, we use the stunning and seasonal blood-red oranges that bring a raspberry-like flavor and gorgeous deep ruby color to this simple sparkling sipper. Topped with chilled prosecco, a few dashes of angostura bitters, and a shot of mandarin vodka (because New Year’s), this tangy beverage is garnished with a sprig of fresh rosemary, and is a beautifully festive way to ring in 2017. Check out all the other recipes from the #virtualportluck here, and Happy New Year! xoxo Adam & Ryan

they look like stained glass windows
the juice goes in first

Ruby Mimosa

3 ounces (90ml) blood orange juice, chilled
1 ounce (30ml) mandarin vodka
2 dashes angostura bitters
3 ounces (90ml) prosecco, chilled
rosemary sprig, for garnish

Pour the blood orange juice into a champagne flute, add the vodka and bitters, then pour over the prosecco. Place a sprig of rosemary in the palm of your hand. Then clap your hands once, firmly, to release the aromatic oils. Garnish the glass with the sprig, and serve immediately. Cheers, and enjoy!


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