a weekend in Detroit

The Impossible Burger in all its glory

Burgers, bowling, and beers, oh my! We were invited by Impossible Foods to fly to Detroit to celebrate the launch of their plant-based Impossible Burger in the Midwest. We had been hearing wonderful things about these meatless patties and recently tried them at a local Umami Burger just a few weeks prior to receiving the invite. Our schedule was open, the two of us had never visited Detroit together, and we absolutely loved their product, so we delightedly accepted!

the stylish decor at the Trumbull & Porter Hotel
the Trumbull & Porter hotel lobby is sleek and modern

After an easy 4 1/2 hour flight from Los Angeles, we arrived safely (and hungry) in the Motor City. We headed straight to the Trumbull & Porter Hotel to drop off our luggage, then made our way to the Detroit Riverwalk. Just in time for a spectacular sunset, we were greeted by the calm blue waters of the river which also acts as the border between the United States and Canada. We went for miles along the boardwalk, taking pictures and listening to the gentle sounds of waves splashing up against the banks. Since the river is less than a mile wide, we could easily read some of the signs on the Canadian buildings across the way. As the sky grew darker, our bellies rumbled louder, and it was time for dinner.

just in case you feel inspired to write, the hotel has you covered
the skyline of Detroit at sunset

Thanks to everyone on Instagram and Facebook, we received dozens of restaurant recommendations. We proposed the question on a photo posted before the trip, and the response was overwhelming. Multiple people suggested a place that was a convenient five-minute drive from our hotel, plus it had glowing praise on Yelp so we decided to try it out. Selden Standard, known for their creative craft cocktails and wood-fired grill, cooked up a tableful of tasty tapas and lived up to their enthusiastic reviews. One of the highlights of the meal was the roasted broccoli, prepared with almond romesco, lemon, and manchego cheese, which paired perfectly with the Gatsby & The Devil cocktail made with tomato-infused gin, Lillet, lime, cucumber, Peychauds bitters, and hot sauce. Similar to a bloody mary but smoother, it was light, spicy, and delicious.

Canada is just on the other side of the river
Adam is thinking about the dinner we're about to enjoy
Selden Standard was bustling that evening

The next morning was part one of the big event. Not only were we treated to juicy vegan burgers and crispy french fries made by the famous Iron Chef Michael Symon, but there was also an informative presentation about how these remarkable patties are made. Using just a few simple ingredients—potato protein, wheat protein, heme, xanthan, konjac, and coconut oil—the color, texture, and flavor of the Impossible Burger is almost identical to real meat, it just happens to be cholesterol-free, and better for the planet too! They are available in restaurants in California, New York, Texas, and now B-Spot Burgers in the Midwest, so click here to find out where to try them near you!

chef Michael Symon had a smile on his face the entire time
the chefs presenting the Impossible Burger as Ryan films it all for instagram

After our burger breakfast we had about five hours until the next event, so we spent a lovely day touring around the city. What impressed us most was how friendly all the locals were: our Lyft drivers were warm and personable, and everyone we spoke to was proud of the improvements the city has experienced over the last few years. In the heart of downtown, rising thirty-six stories above the city, we peeked into the Guardian Building, a landmark art-deco skyscraper built in 1928. Resembling the interior of a cathedral more than an office building, it was inspiring to take pictures in the colorfully tiled three-story vaulted lobby. Afterwards, we ventured into Belle Isle Park, home to the United States’ oldest aquarium, where we admired their small but colorful collection of fish and rare reptiles. Next door is the Belle Isle Conservatory, a stunning historic greenhouse with a beautiful collection of tropical plants and succulents, which we wandered through until it was time for our weekly Friday Live show on Instagram.

it's not every day that an Iron Chef grills burgers for you!
the burgers are made from just a few simple vegan ingredients

Our live cooking show has been recorded at home these past five months, but we decided that since we were traveling, we would try something new and host a special live Q&A from the park! We found a quiet picnic table under some tall shade trees, and despite the acorn that fell on Adam’s head (THUNK) right before we started, it was a relaxing episode and fun to do something a little different (see video below). After the show, we walked around and explored the island, enjoying the pleasant weather and working up our appetites, just in time for part two of the event.

about 20 seconds later, this burger was gone
inside the vibrant lobby of the Guardian Building

This is where the bowling comes in… and the beers… and more burgers. We met at the Majestic, a classic building in midtown which offers sixteen lanes of bowling, a restaurant, and a music venue. Coincidentally, Adam’s band performed there eleven years ago opening up for Matt Costa, so it was fun to be back—this time for a different reason. Once the bowling began, we shared a lane with some of the women we met from Allison PR—the company that helped organize this impossibly fun event—along with Kristen from the stylish blog Dine x Design. None of us were playing the game seriously, taking turns out of order, and losing track of the score because we were having too much fun talking. But we had a blast, enjoying the club-like atmosphere with spinning disco balls, colorful lights, and a live DJ. We also enjoyed our second Impossible Burger of the day, and once again were blown away by its delicious authenticity.

a colorful art-deco masterpiece, and definitely worth seeing in person!
Belle Isle Park is quiet on a warm sunny afternoon

When the party was over, we decided it was too early to head back to the hotel, so our Friday night adventures continued. Another friendly driver transported us to a classic speakeasy downtown called Cafe D’Mongo. Little did we know that our Lyft car was—in fact—a time machine, as this kitschy bar with vintage decor felt like something right from the 1930’s. We felt so welcomed when Larry, the owner, visited our table and introduced himself. Our cocktails were refreshing, cheap, and quite potent, so after just one round, it was time to hit the hotel hay.

how cute are these black squirrels?!
it was the perfect day to explore the park

Saturday was our last day in Detroit. Before we left town, we met up with our friends Beth and Lexi, the talented mother-daughter duo behind the beautiful blog, Our Super Food Kitchen. They treated us to an outstanding brunch at Social Kitchen and Bar in Birmingham, which included a do-it-yourself Bloody Mary bar, a build-your-own breakfast skillet, and homemade warm cinnamon-sugar doughnuts for appetizers. Even though this was the first time we all met in person, it felt like being with family and we can’t wait to meet up and cook together one day soon. It was the perfect sendoff, and we traveled to the airport with full bellies and wonderful memories from the weekend.

inside the conservatory is a beautiful collection of tropical plants and succulents
bowling for burgers!

We are back home now and things are getting exciting around here. We are thrilled to announce that we are one of the founding hosts of a brand new livestream show platform called Gravy! The site just launched this week, and with the all the innovative features they offer, it is going to be a game-changer for live entertainment. Our show Mix It Up With Husbands That Cook will go live every Thursday at 11am PST, and the format is much more interactive than on Instagram Live. We will be able to invite you to come onstage with us, we can take audience polls, and even host fun spin-the-wheel giveaways during the episodes. With an elegant user experience which allows *you* to participate in our show, this new interactive format stands apart from anything we have ever seen. Our first episode is next Thursday the 28th, so visit our show page HERE, then follow us to make sure you don’t miss the first time (or anytime) we go live! We are still continuing our Friday Live show on Instagram, so join us tomorrow at 12pm PST as we prepare the best kugel you have ever tried—just in time for Rosh Hashanah!



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  1. Tim
    September 22, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    Where can I find this in Southern Cal?? Looks amazing!

    • husbandsthatcook
      September 22, 2017 at 5:47 pm

      Hi Tim! There are several places in SoCal that serve the burger! Both Umami Burger and The Counter serve it, plus other restaurants as well, so click this link to find locations near you… https://www.impossiblefoods.com/findus/

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